Theory, chaos, constraint

by Carl Dyke

Theories manage chaos by constraining the field of attention. Selective attention is also selective inattention. So the question is always what’s gained and lost in the theorizing process.

Good theories are complex systems. They constrain chaos into order. Theories “cause” knowledge by ruling out the chaotic manifold of ignorance.

Theoretical pluralism adds fields of attention but tips back toward chaos.

Ideologies are theories that emerge from the constraints of direct experience. Everyone has at least one of those.

Radical theoretical agnosticism is an option – this is the Tao.


One Comment to “Theory, chaos, constraint”

  1. With you until the last two lines.

    *1 Ideologies are theories taken for granted that shape what is said to be direct experience.
    2. “The Tao that can be named is not the Tao.”Radical theoretical agnpstocos, is only failure. to pay attention.

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