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June 11, 2012

Complexity in practice: a plea for pedagogical plurality

by Carl Dyke

What would it look like if our scholarly practice was actually informed by our shiny new theories of complexity? Below the fold is one possible answer, a draft review article by absential-in-chief Chuck Dyke (Temple University) covering neologism, “ecologies of practice” and theoretical propagation in Deacon, Stengers, Juarrero, Thompson and others. The introductory section is here below the fold; the whole piece (pdf, with notes) is linked at the end:

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May 29, 2011

Complexity Science

by Jacob Lee
complexity map thumbnail

Map of Complexity Sciences - Catsellini

I’ve just run across Brian Castellani’s map of the complexity sciences. I’ve been poking my nose in a lot of these corners for the last 10 years, not always systematically, and I’m kinda familiar with many of the local landmarks, but having a broader view of the landscape is very cool.

Margaret Mead is in there too…