Real Life, Real Research

by johnmccreery

The war stories series on the Portigal consulting company’s website is a treasure chest of anecdotes for anyone who wonders what life is like on the front lines of qualitative consumer research, a.k.a. design ethnography or business anthropology.

2 Comments to “Real Life, Real Research”

  1. Carlo I’ve been wondering whether that poor Obeast is getting any these days.All you seem to do all day is TALK ABOUT WORK, maaaaan.

    Eloise isn’t speaking to me because I played with one of her Sacred Objects. I’ve been thinking however that she’s such a ferocious submissive bottom that she’s projected all her self-hatred into me.

  2. You’re so right, Dejan. As a matter of fact I’m trying to ease back into a more playful mode after letting myself get unbalanced toward serious, as you’ve seen.

    Speaking of which, I’ll address your point about JohnD if you can assure me that you haven’t projected all your yearning for others’ hatred into him.

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