Slavery and Taste in the Long Eighteenth

by Carl Dyke

Hey Chums, the collaborative reading of Simon Gikandi’s Slavery and the Culture of Taste has begun today at The Long Eighteenth (Dave Mazella and friends’ blog) with a smashing post on slavery, aesthetics, and the making of modernity by JoEllen DeLucia.

Having just turned in this semester’s grades, I will now turn to this project. The Long Eighteenth will be hosting guest posters on all of the chapters of the book all week – including yours truly on Wednesday, discussing ch. 3, “Unspeakable Events: Slavery and White Self-Fashioning.” Please join us for a rousing discussion of a fascinating book, which no one expects you to have read (yet).

2 Comments to “Slavery and Taste in the Long Eighteenth”

  1. My first post is up. In it, I start by probably missing the point, the sorting out of which is how I do most of my learning.

  2. Phshaw.

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