What’s Your Zombie Type?

by Asher Kay

The Physicalist[*] created a handy philosophical zombie flow chart. It’s not only a useful walk-through of various philosophical positions, but it is also simply a pleasure to read. An excerpt:

Your antecedent epiphenomenalism (or dual aspectism) is what enables you to think zombies are conceivable

I see a line of philosophical fortune cookies in the making.

[*] The “Physicalist” is a pseudonym. The Physicalist is kind of like the Mentalist, except that he believes that the physical and mental are the same thing; which makes him exactly like the Mentalist. Except for the belief, which science can never explain.


3 Comments to “What’s Your Zombie Type?”

  1. I can conceive of no zombies but The Physicalist.

  2. My philosophical zombie is merely sleeping.

  3. Let’s all be *kyonshi*, the hopping zombies from grade B Hong Kong martial arts flicks. The Daoist master stops them cold by slapping paper charms on their foreheads.

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