Attention barrage

by Carl Dyke

Hey Chums – I’ve been pretty good so far about keeping up with my new teaching/learning journal blog, Attention Surplus. There are several recent posts, and I certainly welcome company and discussion over there. I thought hard about cross-posting, but decided that would just create a collation nightmare if I ever had to extract data for some sort of assessment project, which is part of what AS is for. I’ll try to leave trails of breadcrumbs like this one every so often.

Although I’m sure it’s no skin off anyone else’s teeth, I’m honestly sorry to have moved my teaching/learning stuff off of DV and away from the excellent community we’ve developed here. For the moment the beginning of the semester is barraging my attention and I’m not picking up the slack with posts on other topics, but you’re always on my mind….

One Comment to “Attention barrage”

  1. Similar situation here. Helping get up and running was already sucking up a lot of time. Then a barrage of social events and new business-related work descended. Once o-mochi-tsuki (glutinous rice pounding, an annual ceremony cum block party) and Burns Night are past, things may lighten up a bit. In the meantime, I, too can sing, ” You are always on my mind….” (What was that damned tune?)

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