Attention: Surplus!

by Carl Dyke

I hereby announce the launch of my new teaching, learning, and assessment blog, Attention Surplus. I’ve been thinking of doing this for my own reasons for quite some time; the more immediate motive is to try to satisfy the para-academic evaluation and assessment regime with something more qualitative than quantitative.

I’ll be doing most of my teaching-related posting over there from now on. The first couple of posts are already up, along with all the old teaching/learning posts from here at DV. Hope you’ll come visit!

3 Comments to “Attention: Surplus!”

  1. I wondered why all of a sudden I was getting pingbacks from old Voles that had linked to my posts. I thought at first that some douche had stolen your content and relabeled it as his own, so I came over here to report the thievery to you here. I’ll stand down now.

  2. Yup, sorry about that, I’m the douche stealing my own content. I did a partial export yesterday, then did it properly today by going back through all the DV posts and adding the t/l cat to everything appropriate. Should be all done now.

  3. Thanks for taking the trouble to do the links — they took me on a trip down Memory Lane, both on your posts and on my own.

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