See Pics of Women, Free

by CarlD

Just a little experiment here. It seems to work for Facebook.


4 Comments to “See Pics of Women, Free”

  1. Isn’t this selection of photographs, except for the Madonna-like urinals, a bit too politically correct?

  2. Well I dunno, Indira and Megawati were widely accused of corruption, Angela was arguably a terrorist, Madeline arguably a fascist, and Kristina just couldn’t get clear on why the apparent movement of material bodies by immaterial minds was a problem for first philosophy. But in any case the joke is specifically about links to dating sites and more generally the use of women’s images to sell goods and services, so there’s always some attempt to target the appeal and in this venue I think I may have done that pretty well.

  3. My first impression was “a lot of important or powerful women,” then the eye hits the urinals. Never occurred to me—and I work in advertising—that this had anything to do with using women’s images to sell goods and services. If anything, I saw a political message, “Sure, a few women make it to the top….for most patriarchy still rules.”

  4. Well, there’s subtext for ya. It’s striking me right now what a uniquely and unavoidably high-context kind of humor irony is – you’d have had to catch the title as a frame, known how to connect it to the prompt about Facebook, and have present enough experience of the saturation of social media and the internet with a whole tropos of gendered relationship ranging from fb to dating services to porn, and the whole networked apparatus of monetizing same. Plus be disposed to see all of that as funny. Otherwise it’s quite the puzzler.

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