…and the look of real wood!

by CarlD

Please excuse the visual confusion. I’m trying to add feeds from other blogs, and the sidebar was already wicked cluttered, so I needed to change the theme to one that has more widget fields. As an unexpected bonus I kind of like about this theme that it gets more content into the front page at once, so multiple posts/authors can be ‘up’ at the same time. Let me know if you like or hate what you see.


3 Comments to “…and the look of real wood!”

  1. OK, I think I’ve figured out that WordPress just won’t do blog feeds, which makes me sad because I think that’s so friendly when I see it on other blogs. But I’m still liking this new theme, so I’m inclined to keep it unless there’s strong disagreement.

  2. I like the new look, if that’s any help. Won’t the RSS widget do what you want? I’m reluctant to test it on my own blog so I’m not sure, but the description seems bang on, though you might have to have multiple instances of it.

  3. Thanks, Jonathan. I played with the RSS widget but couldn’t get it to satisfy. It does one feed and one only, not allowing multiple instances that I could tell. I tried feeding it google reader to get multiple references from a single source but it spit that back. And I’ve now noticed that all the blogs that do the post feed I like are on other platforms. Oh well, I’m not going to look the gift horse in the mouth, this old nag has some carry left in it even if it won’t win the Derby.

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