Humanizing the classroom, enhancing the value of teachers

by johnmccreery

Carl is a brilliant role model for the interactive teacher who eschews the usual lecture and test format. But if I read him right, his approach is the teaching equivalent of chronic guerilla war. He can irritate the system; but as long as what he does is confined to his own classroom, the system won’t change. Could technology change that? Salman Khan thinks so, and, yes, that is Bill Gates who introduces him and asks the questions at the end of Khan’s TED talk.

One Comment to “Humanizing the classroom, enhancing the value of teachers”

  1. By this time of the school year I’m not feeling so brilliant. I’m feeling more like staring off into space with a little drool trail down my front.

    The image of chronic guerilla rings true, including the part about it having little transformative potential. To ennoble my little enterprise I think about Arendt’s reflection in Eichmann in Jerusalem about how it’s good to be able to tell more stories of good behavior rather than fewer, and Camus’ similar point in The Plague. But basically I’m just stubborn and contrary, without being especially ambitious about it.

    Speaking of ambition and drool, I haven’t found a coincidence of time and energy to watch Khan’s video, although I’m generally familiar with his project. I especially like the idea of moving content acquisition out of the classroom and using class time for active learning. Without really thinking about it that’s what I’ve been doing; it’s actually a version of the classic seminar model. Anyway I see a place I could become more intentional about my practice, so thanks John!

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