Ka-Blamo, Not Ka-Blamo

by CarlD

So at the moment I’m teaching six classes and taking a seventh. As the boys say, that’s a real mixed blessing.


5 Comments to “Ka-Blamo, Not Ka-Blamo”

  1. Suddenly dead voles is acting like Flipbook on my iPad. Is this cool, or what!

  2. Just correcting the stupid typo in my name. Zaggmate works great for this.

  3. Flipbook what is? Zaggmate what is? I’ve heard of iPads, aren’t they those big iPhones?

  4. My iPad is, I have to say it, totally cool. I decided on the straight WiFi version, didn’t need another iPhone. But I now have this gadget that I can wander around with, loaded with stuff to read, watch or listen to. It’s become my favorite way to take in TED talks, for example. Zaggmate is an aluminum case for the iPad with a built-in Bluetooth keyboard. Daughter Kate gave me one for Christmas. It’s handy when you want a keyboard with function and arrow keys to do serious work with. Flipbook was last year’s No. 1 App for iPad. Basically it turns your twitter, Facebook, and rss feeds into a beautifully laid out personalized electronic magazine. The interface is extraordinarily elegant. Tap on an item and it expands and fills the page. Stroke up and you see the complete original source. Tap “Done” and it slips right back into magazine format. Hard to explain, but it’s totally compelling.

  5. Wow, you are good. I totally want all of that now.

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