Meet the new guy!

by Carl Dyke

Hey everyone! You may notice on the sidebar that Dead Voles has added a new author. It’s Jacob Lee, who has been reading and commenting here for some time and suggested plausibly that he’d fit right in. You can find out a little more about Jacob on our About Us page, and also at his own website. Jacob is interested in cool stuff like objects, emergence, complex adaptive systems, and situation theory. He suggests

that we take seriously the notion that life, intelligence, intentionality, and selection are embodied processes that emerge naturally from the world itself- that instead of modeling an organism as something that has a pre-defined set of properties and methods, i.e. as an individual object, that we find a way to model organisms not as individuals, but as material realities that emerge from the background structure and operation of its world.

Yay! Welcome, Jacob. We’re looking forward to you dragging in many tasty new dead voles.

2 Comments to “Meet the new guy!”

  1. Welcome aboard.

  2. Thank you Carl for the introduction, and everyone for a warm welcome.

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