Are the Voles Dead?

by johnmccreery

We seem to have hit a wall here. Or is it just that time of year when the end of semester approaches and academics are overwhelmed? Anyway, Carl, who is a Gramsci scholar might enjoy this.


5 Comments to “Are the Voles Dead?”

  1. He might, yes! (Nice circuitous coincidence there.)

  2. Diagnosis correct: grades were due Monday and as usual I had about 1500 pages of student work to read during the prior week. That’s a lot of human interface so bloggery’s temporarily on the back burner. But the link is awesome, thanks!

  3. Hey Carl!

    The tedium of digital book processing in my library basement led me on a serendipitous internet loop to you and then (kinda) back to me. It started with deciding to check up on Rachel’s site. I haven’t looked at it in a long time– since Swimmers, I think. (I loved the Recreation series!) After poking around on there, I found your blog and I started to peruse. I clicked the link for this entry and was sucked in since it’s exactly the kinds of things we talk about in library school, got to the end and realized it was a link from my old prof Haidy’s blog! I took a museum studies course with Haidy at NYU that was awesome– basically the class was just a backstage pass to all of the museums in NYC. We published an article about the Darwin exhibit at AMNH (

    In response to the article, it is pretty weird to be complicit in library digitization projects when I really dislike reading anything longer than a newspaper article online and really enjoy shelf browsing. I’m hoping once I finish this degree I’ll be able to get back to more tangible interactions with books (or ephemera, or anything that’s not a keyboard), but those positions seem to be increasingly rare. Having searchable text is definitely an aid to research, but I also sort of lament the loss of needing the memory and the persistence to think “Ok, the section I need was in the top left corner of a page about 2/3rds into the book…” It’s like how I take walks or runs through Brooklyn so I know where things are and then my roommate dials up something on her iphone and says “So the CVS is .8 miles away on this and this corner” and then she uses the phone as a compass, never really looking where she’s going, but staring at her phone. All the while I’m waving my arms and saying “I know where it is! I know where it is!” But oh well. When these technological things get me down and I start my return-to-material-world-and-human-connections rants my boyfriend calls me a Luddite and tells me not to worry too much because we’re all going to die from a supervolcano soon. I tell him a solar storm’s gonna knock out all of our satellites so we gotta know how to get around without smartphones. But now I’m entirely off topic.

    Nice to find you in the digital sea and I’ll probably start poking around here now.

    -Cousin Lindsay

  4. Hey there Lindsay! Great to see you here. I’m just popping by super-briefly on break from the AP reading, but in lieu of longer response you might want to check out the thread where we actually discussed all this:

    Cheers! C

  5. Yay! I’m back from Colorado, but now off to Maine until next week. And it’s Mecha-Godzilla who’s going to knock out our satellites as a prelude to the alien invasion.

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