Yosemite Sam on the campaign trail

by Carl Dyke

I want to vote for a candidate with this kind of clarity and gumption. Rand Paul, a Republican running for Senate in Kentucky:

I’m clinging to my guns, my religion and my ammunition…. We were intended to be a constitutional Republic. Yet, we have devolved into some kind of mad democracy.

Pause a moment and imagine what the world must look like to this guy and the people this quote makes any sense to.

Ah'm the roughest, toughest he-man stuffest hombré that's ever crossed the Rio Grande!

2 Comments to “Yosemite Sam on the campaign trail”

  1. To my mind, George Lakoff does a pretty good job in Moral Politics. Anyone here but me read him?

  2. I have. I like Lakoff a lot and think he opens a window. It’s been awhile since I read the book, but it occurs to me that on a more global scale his account of political psychology scales better to ‘dogmatic vs. non-dogmatic’ than ‘conservative vs. liberal’. Some of the most narrowminded, doctrinaire people I know are liberals and this is even more true abroad where our two potpourri parties don’t exist and smaller parties throughout the doctrinal spectrum can tend to devolve into cults with charismatic godfather-leaders.

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