Stay By My Side, O Lord

by Asher Kay

(Inspired by a photocopied poem my Dad has laying around)

Stay by my side, O Lord
Stay by my fucking side
For I am lost
Due to the blood pressure medication that makes me woozie
And they have changed all the buildings

Carry my burden, O Lord
Carry it, and stop looking so glum
For you are strong
And you have never had to undergo
Hip-replacement surgery

Keep me from danger, O Lord
Keep me safe in your arms
For I have heard that Mexicans
Want to steal my job
And get free healthcare on my dime

Take back my country, O Lord
Take my country back
For I cannot get it out of the plastic
Without hedge trimmers
And anyway, it was supposed to be a gift
For someone else

3 Comments to “Stay By My Side, O Lord”

  1. I’ll second that. May I have your permission to cross-post?

  2. Absolutely — I never turn down a chance to be cross-posted.

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