by johnmccreery

Spring fever? Spring vacations? It isn’t just Dead Voles. Several of my online sources of inspiration seem to have gone very quiet in the last couple of weeks. Anybody have a theory as to why?


10 Comments to “Doldrums?”

  1. I’ve noticed the same thing. Seems like our corner of the blogoverse is dragging – I know I am. Just don’t feel like I’m finishing thoughts very well; I read, I’m interested, I have thoughts but they don’t want to come together at a conversational level. Certainly I could cite the usual teaching grind (substantive commenting on 50 papers in 7 hours yesterday, not much headspace left) but there’s always something. Maybe we’re just gathering for a new thought spurt.

  2. I thought that zero comments would have made for good self-referential performance art on this post, but now that Carl has broken the no-hitter, here are some thoughts that came to mind…

    (1) It finally is the end of history.
    (2) You guys aren’t deriving inspiration from any of the still-dynamic blogs that remain.
    (3) All allure and gravity in these parts has coalesced around a very small number of blog-objects, leaving the rest of us floating separately around the void in our hermetically vacuum-sealed blogpackets.
    (4) We’re all putting together our NCAA basketball tournament brackets.
    (5) We need a collective project.
    (6) We need to get back to full-time snarking.

  3. Lol John D, I wish I’d thought of that performative angle but I was too muzzy. And there you go demonstrating your point about your still-dynamic brain over there. I almost cited you as an exception but got lazy about how to construct the more one hand/other hand thought. And I’m actually slow-roasting a teaching post based in part on a conversation you started at your place re: the Gates initiative; but teaching posts get real big and complicated real fast for me.

  4. Nah, pretty often I’ve got low blog mojo too. Thanks though, Carl. I look forward to your teaching post.

  5. My brain’s in the meat-grinder. I live on coffee and the memory of cigarettes past. Swollen fingers and tingling toes.

    Recently have been introduced to the Kolam art-form, and their exquisite mathematical forms (e.g. productions of context-free L languages). Kolams are geometrical designs painted on doorsteps by women of households in South India using rice powder.

    If you haven’t seen them before, watch!

  6. I am particularly struck by

    “(3) All allure and gravity in these parts has coalesced around a very small number of blog-objects, leaving the rest of us floating separately around the void in our hermetically vacuum-sealed blogpackets.”

    I suspect that I may be at fault here. I have noticed in other venues as well that whenever I try to move discussion beyond the usual hot topics to something in which I have a serious technical interest the conversation usually dies. I need to remind myself that the Internet is a bar and not a seminar.

  7. Jacob, wow! I am instantly reminded of Native American and Tibetan mandala sand paintings. This should be right up John Doyle’s alley:. Consider two possibilities: (1) the holy as the eternal and (2) the holy as the evanescent. Shades of Zen!

  8. It’s great when the internet functions as a seminar, but it’s hard to find the critical mass of seminarians on a given topic. I say go ahead and write about what interests you, John, then drink alone if you must.

    A longstanding occasional commenter on my blog is from Tamil Nadu — now I know a bit more about his part of the world.

  9. I’m near the end of a crazy two-month deadline to design a large system. That’s my excuse. Also, I always become a crap-basket in wintertime.

    Also, a lot of the blogs (the OOO ones, mostly) aren’t really providing creative energy for me any more. I got my answer to the question about physicalism, and it didn’t really go anywhere. OOO seems like a vehicle for preserving beloved Continental ideas.

    John, I like your idea of a collective project. Once my head is back above water, we should throw some ideas around.

  10. I like the snarking idea too, obviously

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