New participatory international

by CarlD

I believe I’ve mentioned before that although (because?) I study activism, I’m not much of an activist. Just the sort of smug privileged egghead kibitzing pragmatic gradualist fellow traveler who rightly gets taken out and shot in the early days of any self-respecting revolution, by either side, unless I last until the show trials.

Fortunately for my vicarious karma my aunt is a serious lifelong activist, not to mention a terrific philosopher. She sends me notice of a proposal for a new participatory socialist international of which she is an original endorser. Check it out. While you’re there read her interview, and her inspiring essay on “Labor, Love, Community and Democracy”. For a more despairing, yet still defiant Old New Left perspective, see the essay on “A Way Forward?” by my old hero, pioneering American Gramsci scholar Carl Boggs.

Btw, in a hilarious simulation of censorship it turns out that the string ‘socialism’ engages some spam filters because it contains the string ‘cialis’. Be warned, commenters, Big Brother is crafty indeed!


One Comment to “New participatory international”

  1. Fills me with nostalgia. Inspiration? Not so much. Could put that down to my, too, becoming a “smug privileged egghead kibitzing pragmatic gradualist fellow traveler.” But I also have a professional adman’s opinion. For all their noble aims, these statements read like Democratic Party platform statements — laundry lists with something for every constituency. There is nothing here with the sizzle of “We hold these truths to be self-evident,” “Workers of the World Unite!” or “Hell, No, We Won’t Go.” Compare Paul Wellstones’s “Energize, Mobilize, Organize” or Barack Obama’s “Change We Can Believe In.” I find myself recalling that moment in one of David Lodge’s novels, where a group of aging British Trotskyites in cardigans are sitting in a circle in a dusty room littered with piles of yellowing handbills, reminiscing about the good old days.

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