The Joy of Technical Solutions

by johnmccreery

One of the things I enjoy about quantitative analysis is working out a technical solution. Just now, I was trying to use ad attribute data to check for possible influences on creator ego networks of the media that the creators work in. I knew how to get Pajek to read in attribute data for the ads when I was analyzing them by themselves as a 1-mode network. But I couldn’t use the same attribute files for the 2-mode (Ads + Creators) networks. Pajek kept saying that the attribute partitions and the networks needed to be the same size.

The solution was to add enough zeros to the attribute file to make it the same size.

Just tested it. It worked.

I’m wondering if poets feel like this when they find just the word they need.


One Comment to “The Joy of Technical Solutions”

  1. You could call those zeros ‘shims’.

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