The Lions of Heraldry

by Asher Kay

11 Comments to “The Lions of Heraldry”

  1. Asher, you have a gift for this stuff. Once again, LOL!

  2. That’s funny, because I had a lion croissant for breakfast the other morning. A little leaner and tougher than ham, and a lot more expensive, but nice and tangy with the swiss cheese.

  3. I honk for lion croissants.

  4. Punchline competition: Why did the lion cross the road?

  5. Because he do what he want?

  6. Rachel sez he was lion. He never did cross the road. He’s a cheetah.

  7. Oh, I see. If we’re doing puns, then I would say “Because he needed to get to mane street”.

  8. Somewhere in here, the lion lost his pride.

  9. Ouch! That one gave me paws.

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