Out of the Woods

by CarlD

I’m watching the Australian Open and the latest installment of the Tiger Woods feeding frenzy is scrolling across the bottom of the screen. There’s an unconfirmed report that Tiger has checked into a sex rehab clinic in Mississippi.

It’s always hard to know what’s going to sift out of the present to seem durable and important as history in the future. I don’t suppose this one will qualify in comparison with the first African-American President as evidence of changing racial relations in the U.S.. But the thing where the Black guy who sleeps with lots of hot blondes goes to Mississippi for help with his sex addiction would have to be in play at least for symbolic honors.


2 Comments to “Out of the Woods”

  1. I’m watching the Australian Open

    *waves* from OZ. Amazing – something in Australia that appears in the rest of the world!

  2. Well, that and half the world’s good work on/with Gramsci is being done in Australia, including a smart young man on my panel at the Rethinking Marxism conference. Oh, and mustn’t forget the shiraz, and all those philosophers named Bruce.

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