Cretinous Tirade

by Asher Kay

via Perverse Egalitarianism


13 Comments to “Cretinous Tirade”

  1. I likes! So this post about reading your own book and laughing at your own jokes (I’m afraid to use the name, because clearly there’s some serious daily googling going on) reminded me of an old Russian joke:

    The man is sitting by himself in the corner and is quietly laughing. Curious bystander asks him what is it that he thinks is so funny. He says: “I was just telling myself some jokes, and there was this really funny one I haven’t heard before.”

  2. Not sure what post you’re talking about. I haven’t written any books, but I was working on a story at Starbucks not too long ago, and I started giggling at something I wrote. Laughing is such a social thing that you get some pretty weird looks when you’re sitting alone giggling to yourself.

    I don’t know if that really qualifies as narcissism (I have a ways to go in accepting narcissism as a fact of the self – I keep wanting to find explanations that make me feel like I’m not something that I find distasteful). I mean, sometimes things are just genuinely funny. They are especially funny when they just drop into your head, like a Muse delivered them or something.

  3. That’s why they call it “a-mus[e]-ing.” Ouch! No! Stop that….

  4. For a Muse you’d have to go to Europe. Here in North America jokes are delivered by Moose.

  5. Somehow, writing fiction seems less mystically and erotically appealing now.

  6. Working on a story you say?

  7. Yeah, I’m back to the fiction-writing thing. Some of my reasons, I think, are similar to yours — it’s the best way to explore the things I’m thinking about.

    I decided to work on the story, because the narrator is a wannabe writer and that gives me a chance to play around with all my hangups about fiction writing.

  8. Sounds good; hope it’s going well. I too find it helpful to splinter off a fictional version of myself — enables a bit more emotional distance perhaps.

  9. a moose once bit my sister . . .

    No realli! she was carving her initials . . .

  10. I shot a moose, or maybe it was the Berkowitzes.

  11. Carl, that is one of my all-time-favorite routines. It can still bring me to helpless laughter, despite having nearly memorized it myself.

    Sociologically speaking it’s interesting, too, because the payoff line–and the joke was on them, because it’s restricted–would sail over the heads of many people today.

  12. I love it too! It’s not just now that not everyone gets it. In the version of the routine that’s on youtube Allen is on one of the mainstream tv variety shows and instead of ‘restricted’ goes ahead and says “don’t allow Jews,” presumably because he didn’t trust the goy audience to follow the reference.

    Asher, last Halloween I dressed as Palin’s moose – brown pants, brown sweatshirt with a target and bulletholes, antler hat with a toy helicopter flying over it on a wire.

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