Tentative Album Cover

by Asher Kay

Comments are welcome. Does the finger look “just photoshopped enough”?


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13 Comments to “Tentative Album Cover”

  1. Well, it’s no “Smell the Glove,” but it does have a certain classic appeal.

    Welcome to Dead Voles, Asher!

  2. So this is a collective blog now?

  3. I got guest-posting privileges, for “mysterious” reasons. I am only allowed to post about cultural hegemony, though. Also, I probably won’t be posting that often, because I totally quit blogging forever.

  4. I like the way you quit, Asher. Maybe I should do the same….

    Anyway, I just wanted to say I love the album cover. Oh, and that you might want to consider the urls in the newly created “Author” section (feel free to delete the this last sentence).

  5. I don’t think minions count toward collectivity, do they? But as you know, John, I think of selves as interactively plural anyway, so it was already a community blog even when it was just I and me. Not to mention that I think of commenters here as part of the Dead Vole family….

    Anyway, I’d been thinking for some time about how I was sort of letting down the side with my sometimes sporadic posting, and how blogs work better as network nodes when they’re more dense and rich with content and discussion. But I settled for Asher instead – so sorry for the letdown everyone. I mean just look at that album cover, Socrates doesn’t even look like me!

    Sorry Alexei, what do you mean by “consider the urls” in that sentence I’m supposed to delete? Is this a new age liberation movement, like “consider the ladies?”

  6. HA, Carl. It would seem that when I try to be oblique, I succeed beyond all expectation. I believe that Asher’s offline name appears in the his “Author” url. I think Asher can fix this by changing his WordPress personal account settings

  7. Ah, quite right. Hey buddy, your slip is showing! I see London, I see France!

  8. Carl – How much more black could it be? The answer is: none more black. Maybe a leash on Socrates would add something….

    Alexei – Why the author widget uses my actual username, I have no idea — I have WordPress set up to display my “messianic” nickname. Carl is the “administrator” – at least that is what it says on his funny jacket – so he’ll have to fix it, if indeed it can be fixed, which I doubt.

    The nickname is really just a way to avoid idle employer googling problems anyway, so hopefully it won’t be a big deal.

    Also – I would like to join Carl in apologizing to everyone for the letdown. I will do my best to make up for his sporastic posting only with the finest voles, lightly killed, and dusted with aged Tibetan caramel corn.

  9. Asher, did you create a wordpress account with your profane moniker? So far as I remember, if you go to the profile section of your dashboard, there will be three handles for you: (1) the one you use to log into WordPress, (2) a space for your ‘first name’ and directly below that a space for your last name, and then (3) your nickname. I believe that the the author section is picking your messianic moniker from (1) & (2). You can simply edit this if you want to be extra paranoid about stuff…

    It’s probably not a big deal, but I thought I would make mention of it just in case. By the way, how does one make tibetan caramel popcorn? Sounds delish!

  10. Ugh — I meant to say that the Author url is probably drawn from # 2, not #’s 1&2. Sorry fro any potential confusion.

  11. I had an account with the messianically-oriented moniker, but the guest-posting enrollment process involved creating a WordPress account, which I unwisely did with my more realistically-oriented moniker, thinking that I could just set up #2 and #3 in the usual profane way, thus avoiding undue exposure to employment-related people. But the author URL appears to be drawn from #1, for reasons probably related to lazy programming (the author of the author widget probably used usernames because they are URL-safe, rather than making an extra call to convert spaces to %20, etc., which also wouldn’t look as pretty). Therefore, I’m going to go ahead and propose that the author of the author widget is a jackass.

  12. Yup. Pictured on Wikipedia in the ‘Worse Than Useless’ entry. Which, by the way, would be a great name for both a Socratic Deathmarch album and a blog.

  13. I too vote for meta-authorial jackassery. I mean, really, how many handles does one need online…?

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