I feel pretty, oh so pretty

by Carl Dyke

On page 4A of yesterday’s N&O I learned that rates of black bass feminization in our rivers are increasing dramatically. One in five male bass surveyed are growing egg cells, compared to only 6% in past data. Seepage from birth control pills and other hormone treatments is suspected to be the cause of this intersexing. Only in Alaska’s Yukon River basin do men remain men.

In juxtaposed news just up the page, it is reported that violent crime continues its historic decline. The ad for the Carolina Ballet at the bottom of the page may be an outlier, however.


2 Comments to “I feel pretty, oh so pretty”

  1. You are obviously spreading government disinfo. Everyone knows it is the fluoride in our water not the birth control pills.

  2. Same package, different delivery system. And the government is just a front for the Trilateral Commission.

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