Rhett and Link and Lillington and Bunnlevel

by Carl Dyke

OK, so it turns out the wondrous knuckleheads who made the Red House commercial are not just from NC, they’re from Lillington, which for a county seat is pretty close to the middle of nowhere and which I drive through every day on my way to work! Lillington is what I call a ‘twenty town’, on account of the speed limit being 20 – for no apparent reason but for speed-trapping and that the only people who will be bothered to sit on the town council are probably business owners along the main drag who hope the slower speeds will encourage some drive-in trade. But I also have a theory that you can index exactly how too-seriously a town takes itself by how slow it thinks you need to go on the way through. Thirty-five seems to work just fine for large cities that don’t feel the need to play these games.

Anyhoo, Lillington is just north of Bunnlevel, which I also drive through. I live above Bunnlevel, but work below Bunnlevel. Bunnlevel is that much closer to the middle of nowhere and as a forty-five town does not take itself nearly as too-seriously as Lillington. Out of gratitude I make sure to stop at the Bunnlevel post office any time I have important mail to send out, tax payments and applications and such, so that the postmark can properly reflect my respectful reverence for the communities in which my sendings (seek to) involve me. It doesn’t always work, but what does?

So in honor of my commute through this awesome part of the world here’s some more inspirational Rhett and Link (they have their own channel on youtube), first another ad, then a drivethrough song at a drivethrough I may even have personally driven through:

Rachel and I want these guys to be our new best friends and we’re totally on the lookout now at local furniture stores and sleazy used car lots and such, so we can run up to them and say Hey! Aren’t you Rhett and Link (of course they are inseparable), won’t you be our pals? And they will say, Well of course! We’re really quite lonely, what with the fame and all. And we’ll play it off real smooth, like Yeah, we knew it, but you’re cool with us, and the rest will be History.


3 Comments to “Rhett and Link and Lillington and Bunnlevel”

  1. Let’s try to find them on Facebook. After all, they wrote the Facebook Song:

  2. I live in Lillington! I’m shocked that my favorite YouTubers are from my hometown!!!

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