Muse of bloggery

by CarlD

When do we know that a creative medium has fully arrived? How about when it gets a Muse?

In commemoration of this blog’s recent first anniversary, I ask you to help me name and characterize the Muse of bloggery. There may also need to be handmaidens delegated to blogular subgenres.

If you’d like, go ahead and assign Muses to other modern creative endeavors while you’re at it. For example, the Muse of bogus Muse creation might be Mypoormeme, while the Muse of aerobic crosstraining might be Polygymnia and the Muse of electronic dating services might be Eutwerpe.

A group of Muses is known as an amusement.

A group of Muses is known as 'an amusement'.


3 Comments to “Muse of bloggery”

  1. Ariadne, perhaps? At least for those blogs whose links try to help one through the maze of the web…

  2. Logorrhea (Greek λογορροια, logorrhia, “word-flow”), of course with both it nosological, and immanence conotations.

  3. I like both of these! Ariadne might be the link-blog handmaiden of Logorrhea, although the really pure link-blogs have almost no words of their own (and therefore are fully immanent nosological vectors, I suppose).

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