Crystal Harmony

by CarlD

In my never-ending quest to find ways to grade papers that keep me fresh and engaged, I stopped in yesterday evening at a newish local restaurant, intent on squatting in a booth and forging through some essays. I’m conscious of not clogging tipspace, but I figured it was a Wednesday evening and not likely to be too busy, especially since this is an unassuming little place in the ground floor of a little office building on the outskirts of my little middle-of-nowhere town.

The place specializes in hot wings, so I ordered some of those and a beverage and got down to business. As time went on I noted that the joint was indeed filling up and there seemed to be a bit of a buzz; meanwhile, musicians were carrying in equipment and unpacking some strange-looking instruments. The one that looked like a triple rack of long, tubular candle-holders especially intrigued me. The bassist had one of those precious electric stand-up basses (I used to play bass and you couldn’t catch me dead with one of those things) but he moved it around pretty well in the soundcheck. So I was hooked already when a big bald guy started checking the mics in Russian.

Eventually the place was packed and essays weren’t happening, but I had to see what this thingie was going to be. It was this:

The band’s name is Crystal Harmony and apparently they made it to the finals of the Russian version of “Who’s Got Talent” or whatever.

They are wrapping up a tour of the U.S. with a show in Charlotte. The big bald Russian guy is on the local arts council and had enough pull to get them to this little restaurant for a gig and some drinks, as everyone who got a crack at the mic kept remarking (get it, Russians drink a lot and so should you).

They were good! But I was definitely using up tipspace at that point and still had papers to read, so I only hung around for the first few numbers.


3 Comments to “Crystal Harmony”

  1. I am pretty sure it all started with drunken clinking of vodka shots and after the usual drunken stabbing fight was over the one third of the group was either in the hospital or arrested, these three decided to do it for a living, although they obviously sold out to the whole wine establishment with their wine glasses…

  2. They’re from industrial Siberia (Magnitogorsk etc.) so I imagine their lives have been filled with drunken clinking. Smart of them to turn this to account. And doesn’t drinking vodka from crystal (lips pursed, pinky extended) change everything?

  3. I believe that it does change not just everything, but EVERYTHING! if enough snobs do it, there will soon be a considerable hole in the fabric of spacetime…

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