The Fundamentals

by CarlD

Woke up with this one. Busy little night brain.

Faith springs eternal
Our hearts belong to prophets
We’re too big to fail.


4 Comments to “The Fundamentals”

  1. Historians define success.

  2. Funny, I hadn’t read my own haiku this way but you’re on the money, and what you say would be one good way to start my historiography class this semester.

    Next question: which historians? Of course we all play the game of defining and judging success, historians just do it professionally for a field that most people are happy to leave to them. As soon as people start caring, they do what they want with history and historians either sign on or are left on the sidelines wringing our hands.

  3. If you substitute “profits” for “prophets”, you would have a great haiku for the banking industry. Come to think of it, it would still work if you left it as it is.

  4. Aha! Nice catch. Yes, that’s the turnaround point for the little thing. My dream was not clear and I couldn’t decide on which spelling to use once I wrote it down, but ended up deciding context would suggest your second reading best to the careful reader.

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