Male dominance

by CarlD

I’m watching the Olympic women’s marathon, and the leader (a Romanian in her late 30s) is running mile splits under 5′ 30″.

I have a personal basis of comparison because back in my early 30s I got in pretty good shape and was running distance, 10 miles at a time. A good split for me was in the low 8s. Every once in a while I’d crank it up as fast as I could for a mile just to see what I could do. Low 7s. These women are running marathon splits almost 30% faster than I can sprint.

Guys who want to talk about male dominance want to cite that world-class men currently run faster than world-class women, and ‘the average man’ may currently run faster than ‘the average woman’. Interesting, but personally irrelevant. I am not those men. These women, in this particular field of physical accomplishment, are as far beyond this particular man right here as the hare is beyond the tortoise.

Yay them.


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