Price to pay

by CarlD

I need some help. I woke up this morning with a song by Abra Moore (formerly of Poi Dog Pondering) stuck in my head – “Four Leaf Clover,” perhaps you know it. (Sorry for the mere link, the embed function is apparently turned off at youtube.) It’s a good song if I’m in a pop mood, so that’s not the problem.

There’s a recurring line in which she sings “It’s got the best of me. It’s such a price to pay.” The problem is that sometime this morning before I woke up my brain turned this into “It’s got the best of me. It’s such a prize toupee’ –” and that’s what’s stuck in my head. Mainly I need to DO something with this notion of a prize toupee’ that gets the best of one.

Since Praxis has me all imprinted on Kliban at the moment I’m imagining a cartoon of a guy sweating under the weight of a big pouffy Elvis wig with a blue ribbon on it, and the caption “A Heavy Prize Toupee’.”

Any thoughts?


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